Xog sir ah oo laga helay Jabuuti. (Aconflict of interest between IOG, Djama Speed and Haibado)

The Indian Ocean Newsletter has obtained a copy of letter sent on 10 September by the inspector general, Hassan Issa Sultan, to the director-general of the Caisse nationale de securite sociale(CNSS), Hassan Robleh Obsieh (see here). In the letter, he seeks the cooperation of the DG of the CNSS with an audit of the institution's accounts that has been ordered by Ismail Omar Guelleh. In initiating this investigation, the president is hoping to obtain evidence of the poor governance of the minister ultimately responsible for the CNSS: his health minister and now ex-son-in-law, Djama Elmi Okieh, aka Djama Speed. However, this manoeuvre has the potential to cause tensions within his own family: the ex-wife of Djama Speed and daughter of Ismail Omar Geele, Haibado, is also the president's technical advisor who launched universal healthcare cover in 2015 and is supposed to be in charge of the CNSS alongside Djama Speed.


Xaqiijinta xogta ka akhri lifaaqa hoose